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about my epilepsy

I have epilepsy (i've talked about it for years on ig), however, my epilepsy isn't genetic. When I was five years old, my aunt punched me in the face. why? because I "asked too many questions" and because she had severe anger issues (she cried to me about not being able to stop beating her kids when I was 23). Because of her rage, I developed epilepsy but I didn't experience my first tonic-clonic seizure until 2018. I've had minor seizure activity my entire life not understanding I was an epileptic until I was 25.

My doctor determined from my first CAT and MRI scans that my brain has been actively healing for about 20 years. I was prescribed an anti-convulsant for two years. On my medication, my seizures stopped but I experienced brain fog, twitches, and rapidly gained weight. With my doctor's advice and help, he put me on a plan to ween me off the medication. Since stopping the medication I've been experiencing seizures now, about once every month to six weeks. My seizures are stressful, painful and happen randomly, for different reasons (i.e stress, food poisoning, even drinking tap water).

Stress (such as money and online harassment) definitely affects my epilepsy. My health is my top priority because it allows me to practice, produce and enjoy making music. If you support my music, your donations will be greatly appreciated.

(Censored Bosch, me 2017)


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