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Arcana Magnus


This writing details lost meanings and reconnect fragmented ideas in The Tarot. High-quality tarot images with decoded analysis including embedded connections between Hebrew Mysticism, Khemetic ideology, The Egyptian pantheon, Babylonian symbology and history, The Hindu legends, The Chinese astrological & astronomic art of Bazi, The Roman pantheon as adapted from The Kemetians through The Greeks, Jungian Psychology, Gematria and Pythagorean Numerology as Kemetic in origin.

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94 pages

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Knife Paintings


High-quality excerpts from my personal diary painted in 2017. This short compilation of collage paintings I created with a paint knife and image samples I cut from an ecology book. The intro and outro are humorously censored Hieronymous Bosch prints. Each piece is a based on a different aspect or face of fear. These paintings were painted on canvas paper and the texture of my paintings are shown best on canvas, cardstock, and matte paper.

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21 pages

PDF (9MB) file

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