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This writing details lost meanings and reconnect fragmented ideas in The Tarot. High-quality tarot images with decoded analysis including embedded connections between Hebrew Mysticism, Khemetic Ideology and The Egyptian Pantheon, Babylonian Symbology and History, The Hindu Legends, The Chinese Astrological & Astronomic Art of Bazi, The Roman Pantheon as adapted from The Kemetians through The Greeks, Jungian Psychology, Gematria and Pythagorean Numerology as Kemetic in origin.

Music itself is a craft of symbology. Here, I intend to use scholarly research and my trained expertise in the poetic orchestration of symbols combined to extract old and new embedded meaning from the images in the classic Waite Tarot. I guarantee my scholarship is conducted in the deepest earnest, beyond thorough and I am genuinely humbled through this effort in decoding Tarot in attempt to bring the subconscious to the conscious.

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