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my first music theory and production class + patreon

ive been working on music theory, music theosophy, and music production classes to help people make music. yesterday i uploaded the first video lecture on my youtube about music theory and the philosophy behind finding inspiration and knowing what resonates with people. i did the voiceover, music, and video myself. heres the song:

im working on a video more focused on teaching music theory basics in an interesting way so look out for a clip of that video in a couple of weeks. Since this is my first video, I uploaded the full video but I'll just be posting clips of my future classes on Youtube.

thank you to all my listeners and supporters. I made a patreon to connect with my listeners as well as teach people things ive learned about music theory, production, and share my research. Get access to more music theory and music production classes, be the first to listen to my new music + demos, and come to live shows by subscribing to my Patreon @

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