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new music

I've been working on two albums and have about 2 hours of new music that will be released soon!

As a show of gratitude for the emotional and financial support given by long-time listeners, I'll be releasing 20 updated versions of old songs from my bulldog eyes project. Between self care, moving out of state to somewhere more safe and quiet where I can actually record, and dealing with epileptic seizures, I decided to redo some songs I know people interested in my art enjoy. Beyond the sentimentality, I want to create an interesting listening experience for new ears.

Additionally, I've been working on a new album that will be released under my full name in February. I've been carefully honing my craft as a composer and audio engineer, as well as practicing saxophone, piano, and flugelhorn diligently.

I sincerely hope this news excites listeners and friends for my upcoming work!

Thank you for listening


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